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Microfluidics and LOC Shims

NILT offers custom made shims in Nickel for the production of microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip (LOC) systems by hot-embossing or injection moulding. The shims are made according to customer specifications regarding thickness, size, format, pattern and pattern depths. The shims can be cut into any size and format within 150 mm diameter by laser or wire cutting.
  • Lateral pattern dimensions from 50 nm to 1 mm
  • Pattern depths between 50 nm to 30 µm
  • Multiple pattern depths possible
NILT also offers prototyping services by injection moulding with the Ni shims. Please contact us for more information.
Nickel Shims for Microfluidics
Size* Any shape and size within 150 mm diameter
Thickness* Up to 3 mm
Linewidth tolerance 50 nm - 2 µm: +/- 15%
2-20 µm: +/- 10%
20-500 µm: +/- 5%
Shim protrusion height
(channel depth)
0-30 µm
Height tolerance +/- 10%
Aspect ratio Up to 1:3 (width:depth)

* For different size or thickness, please contact us

Ni shims for fluidic  networks

Different examples of patterns and features
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