NIL Technology Publishes Paper on Uncontested High-Efficiency Metalenses Approaching Theoretical Limits

Copenhagen, Denmark, April 10, 2024. 

NIL Technology (NILT), a worldwide leader in meta-optics, announces a new publication in the peer-reviewed Nature journal, Communications Physics.

The paper “Nanoscale precision brings experimental metalens efficiencies on par with theoretical promises” explores the theoretical and practical limitations for absolute focusing efficiencies of metalenses using a model system of ideal focusing lenses based on the local phase approximation (LPA). We show consistently high efficiencies above 92% with the best lens showing 94% absolute focusing efficiency.

The paper shows an excellent match between simulated and measured performance of high efficiency metalenses which closes the gap between theoretical promises and experimental performance that have dominated earlier reports in the field. Further, the paper shows the benefit and need for using high efficiency metalenses in a camera module, demonstrating how innovative technology can revolutionize the future of sensing and imaging devices.

With these results, NILT sets a benchmark for metalens efficiencies that can be obtained with accurate design and manufacturing methods. 

"We are extremely proud of these results as they show that we have full control of both design and simulation methods as well as production. Moreover, we unveil unprecedented and consistently high metalens efficiencies."
—Ulrich Quaade
Head of Optics, NILT

The paper is an important link between theoretical predictions of metalenses and their real-life realization. The importance of accurate simulation methods is illustrated to predict high performance metalenses with NILT’s in-house high-quality production of metalenses.

“I am extremely excited to see the results presented in this paper. It nicely connects many of our technologies together. We are investing a lot into accurate simulation and predictions of metalenses as well as the production of these. This is a unique combination! We are vertically integrated from design over prototyping to production of metalenses. The results presented in this paper are showing product-grade metalenses, and at NILT we can scale to mass production while maintaining performance.”
—Theodor Nielsen, Founder, CEO, NILT

NILT is offering metalens design, prototyping and production. Reach out to us with your optical specifications or design to get your metalenses produced.

About NILT

NIL Technology (NILT) is an optical solutions company at the forefront of designing, developing, and mass production of meta-optics realized with advanced high-precision nanoscale features. Our solutions empower the next-generation sensing, imaging, and diagnostic applications. 

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