Optical elements & components

Longer battery life, thinner devices and richer visual experience are all examples of consumer expectations that arise constantly.  Likewise, innovative displays, thinner cameras and efficient 3D mapping are standard expectations in product innovation. To meet and exceed the many expectations from consumers and companies, optical components have the ability to elevate optical applications and high technology innovation.

NIL Technology create state-of-the art optical elements and components (integrated elements). 

Diffractive diffusers

NIL Technology offers diffractive diffusers that can be custom designed to generate any speckle-free pattern with almost any intensity profile and field-of-illumination (FOI). High efficiency and good zero order suppression are key performance indicators of our diffusers.

Fan-out gratings

NIL Technology provides fan-out’s meeting high customer demands such as small spot size and low non-uniformity error. Thanks to our design capabilities we can customize the fan-out for the emitter in the customer system and also verify its system performance by simulation.

Collimation and focusing lenses

NIL Technology designs, prototypes, tests and mass produces collimation and focusing lenses. Thanks to our technology and design expertise, we have high flexibility in parameter trade-off and can therefore provide highly customized designs for optimal system performance.

Benefits of our products in your optical applications

We create solutions that enable innovative optical applications in a great variety of devices. Our solutions provide a number of advantages to the final product, for example:

  • Lower power consumption on devices giving longer battery life
  • More compact and thinner devices
  • More accurate 3D mapping
  • Better image quality

Based on our expertise within design and manufacturing of high precision nanoscale features, some of the key benefits that we see from our work include:

  • Low optical loss
  • Higher diffraction efficiency
  • Stray light suppression
  • High output pattern fidelity
  • Better intensity uniformity

The list goes on. The application, technology, choice of optical design and manufacturing method will affect the ultimate performance that is possible to obtain.

The technology that enables our products

The uniqueness of optical elements is their ability to manipulate light through a variety of different methods, for example focusing, diffusing, filtering, reflecting, or polarizing light. In the end, these products are integrated into a limitless number of optical applications.

Our optical elements are based on our main technologies:

Within these technology areas, we provide a number of different elements, such as pixelated, free-form and multilevel DOEs; binary, blazed and slanted gratings; spherical and a-spherical microlens arrays (MLAs); and metalenses.

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