Optical Applications

We create solutions that enable innovative optical applications in devices and products. Our components provide a number of benefits that you can read more about right here.

Our key markets are the following:

Our expertise in your optical applications

Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality

Nanostructures are used to guide light into the eyes of the user. For augmented reality, diffractive optical elements (DOEs) are used in time-of-flight devices to map the surroundings. You can read more about DOEs and our competences here.

3D imaging & sensing

3D imaging and sensing are key technologies in new applications such as face recognition, gesture sensing and autonomous vehicles. Advanced DOE or MLA based diffusers, beam splitters and lenses are necessary to integrate these technologies in a compact and cost efficient way. You can read more about our different optical components here

Display & 3D display

We provide a variety of advanced optical elements and services for modern and future display applications. This includes design of optical components to optical requirements and masters fabrication and replication of the following:

Optical applications - LiDAR

Mobile phones

Nanostructures enable optical components to be more compact and to build in new functionalities such as gesture sensing.


Autonomous cars & LiDAR

Lidar is used in autonomous cars for mapping of the 3D surroundings as input to the vehicles navigation system. DOE and/or MLA based optical components are needed in both the emitter optics and the receiver optics to integrate the Lidar in an efficient, compact and cost efficient product.

Internet of Things

Nanostructures are used to make compact, lightweight sensing devices, which can be manufacture in volumes of billions.

Structured Light

We offer different processes of structured light. We can design DOEs or MLAs that transform the transmitted light to the required projection pattern, according to the customer’s specifications. The customer can also propose their own design.

We can supply quick prototyping and manufacturing of both the transmitting optics and the receiver lens. The receiver lenses are typically made of a stack of several refractive lenses. We can provide novel solutions by DOE or other methodologies.

Time of Flight (ToF)

We can design, prototype and manufacture DOEs for output projection patterns. We can work with designs that we have made, or designs provided by you. We offer various novel solutions for light focusing to the sensor chip on the receiver side.

Other areas

We also make solutions for DNA sequencing, quantum and neuron computing, medical equipment and biotech, space applications and plastic packaging.

Optical design in NIL Technology

What we can do

NILT is your partner through the whole journey, from idea to design and production. 

We supply design, prototyping and manufacturing services of diffractive optical elements, such as 2D beam splitters, beam shapers, diffusers and microlens arrays, serving both large corporations and academic researchers.

Our competences include design, mastering, prototyping, replication and high-volume manufacturing of components to optical applications. 

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