Meta Optics

Nanoimprint-based mass production to deliver metalenses for the mass markets

NILT’s demo-systems showcase the use of metalens and nano-optics across diverse set of applications including AR|VR|MR eye-tracking, industrial depth sensing to automotive driver monitoring systems. It also illustrates NILT’s vertically integrated model with tightly coupled capabilities in design, rapid prototyping, and nanoimprint-based mass-production to deliver metalenses for the mass markets
– Theodor Nielsen, Founder and CEO of NILT

NILT's Range of Meta Optics

Meta lenses are optimal for various applications as smartphones, AR/VR, wearables, automotive, robotics, and IoT platforms, with applications ranging from depth-sensing and presence detection to face identification, gesture recognition, eye-tracking, driver-monitoring systems, and medical instrumentation.

Metalenses lend themselves to compact lens and module architectures. In near-infrared applications, the lenses are produced using a silicon-on-glass substrate, which makes them mechanically robust and thermally stable.

NILT MOEs are manufactured and assembled using semiconductor-class equipment and deliver consistently high performance in mass production.

NILT and our groundbreaking Meta Optical Elements

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