Meta Optical Elements (MOE)

Metalenses are a radical new flat lens technology that can disrupt optics used in various industries.

At NILT, we specialize in custom-made metalens solutions, providing end-to-end services from design to mass production.

We develop unique and tailored metalens solutions that cater to the specific needs of our customers, having fast turnaround times for metalens prototyping in the NIR/SWIR/VIS spectra, leading to mass production.  

Metalens applications

Metalenses | NIL Technology

Metalenses are optimal for various applications as smartphones, AR/VR, wearables, automotive, robotics, and IoT platforms, with applications ranging from depth-sensing and presence detection to face identification, gesture recognition, eye-tracking, driver-monitoring systems, and medical instrumentation.

Metalenses lend themselves to compact lens and module architectures. In near-infrared applications, the lenses are produced using a silicon-on-glass substrate, which makes them mechanically robust and thermally stable.

NILT MOEs are manufactured and assembled using semiconductor-class equipment and deliver consistently high performance in mass production.

Flat NIR metalens by NIL Technology

Image from a near Infrared imaging system using a single MOE designed for 940 nm wavelength. The demonstrated NILT image has excellent resolution for NIR imaging, all the way to the edge, and is comparable to images captured with a multi-element refractive lens.

Why NILT as your metalens supplier?

At NILT, we have a rich heritage in designing and developing advanced optics. 

We possess a comprehensive in-house process chain knowledge encompassing design, mastering, prototyping, testing, characterization, and manufacturing capabilities for meta optics.

Our proficiency lies in years of experience in manufacturing micro- and nano-patterned surface relief structures, harnessing nanoimprint lithography (NIL). As a leader in nanostructured mastering and fast prototyping turnaround, we leverage our extensive experience to deliver mass-production metalens solutions, and we are constantly demonstrating record-high metalens results.

Our ability to take customers’ requirements and turn them into optical solutions optimized over the entire process chain differentiates us from others.

NILT meta optical elements, metalenses

NILT MOE produced by nanoimprint lithography

Understanding metalenses

Metalenses are flat lens technology made by optical components that use meta surfaces to manipulate light. They are used in optical applications that take advantage of the flat surface and reduced thickness, compared to classic, curved refractive lenses mainly used in optical devices today.

In optical applications, metalenses can both illuminate (Tx-side) and image (Rx-side) the scene. On the Tx-side, the illumination can be flood-illuminated by diffusers or dot-projected using fan-out optics. On the Rx-side, the imaging lenses deliver similar functionality using fewer lens elements. Current commercial metalenses are focused on narrowband applications such as near-infrared (NIR), short wavelength infrared (SWIR), and narrowband visible, while broadband technology is being developed.

In a classical refractive lens, the phase function of the lens is delivered by a continuous curved surface. This refractive lens phase function spans over multiples of the 2p. In a diffractive lens, the lens operates in modulo-2p, where the Nx2p phase values are mapped back to 2p and implemented accordingly. In meta-optics, this modulo-2p phase function is implemented using nanostructures, which are significantly smaller than the wavelength of light. This allows metalenses to deliver functionality like refractive lenses while offering new lens capabilities and trade spaces.

NIL Technology has a whole process chain under one roof for design, mastering, prototyping, testing and characterization, and manufacturing capabilities of meta optics.

NIL Technology has profound and proven experience designing and developing advanced optics by manufacturing micro-and nano-patterned surface relief structures and more than 50 years of experience of cumulative expertise in thermal and UV NIL.

We leverage our extensive experience as a leader in nanostructured mastering and fast prototyping turnaround to deliver mass production metalens solutions.

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