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Developing the future of micro- and nanostructure solutions with the world’s best team.

“Our employees are our most valuable assets. They are the key to our performance, and therefore, we greatly treasure the values that we have internally. We come from a variety of different nations, and this creates a special culture in the company. I believe this makes us extraordinary in terms of innovation and creativity, and it sure contributes greatly to the atmosphere that we have in NILT.

Theodor Nielsen

CEO & Founder

Theodor Nielsen, CEO at NIL Technology

Working at NILT

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Tobias Hedegaard Bro

Senior Production Engineer

NILT member since 2009

“At NILT you have great influence on your own work, both in terms of daily tasks, as the path of your career.”

“At NILT I get to work with so many talented people. We all work towards the same goal and I’m happy to be able to contribute.”

Kristian Smistrup

Senior Tool Development Engineer

NILT member since 2009

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“At NILT, challenges are constantly changing, so you are always learning something new. And your colleagues are great.”

Jesper Fly Hansen

R&D Production Engineer

NILT member since 2014

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Join us | NIL Technology

Akbar Samadi

Optics Research Scientist

NILT member since 2019

“Everyday I’m challenged with different projects that are part of future optical applications. It’s very fascinating.”

“I really appreciate the possibility to takle hi-tech production challenges with state-of-the-art technology.”

Marco Matteucci

Production Manager

NILT member since 2017

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Join us | NIL Technology

Sunniva Munk

Marketing Manager

NILT member since 2019

“I truly appreciate the culture that we have in the company. We all help each other out, we listen to each other and we have a good time together. This makes it a lot easier to be productive and creative.” 

“At NILT I am constantly required to develop and implement new innovative solutions to meet the highest fabrication standards. This is done together with a team of fantastic colleagues where open mindedness and creativity are encouraged.”

Lars Kildebro

R&D Production Engineer

NILT member since 2018

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Our culture

In NIL Technology, you will be part of a special culture.  

Cooperation, involvement, knowledge sharing, mutual respect, and listening to each other are important values to us. 

Together, we laugh, discuss, play table tennis, and most importantly, we constantly develop and seek excellence in everything we do.  

NILT, employees at NIL Technology, December 2019
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SPIE Photonics West - NIL Technology
NIL Technology career
Coffee and cake - NIL Technology
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Take your skills to the next level with NIL Technology

NIL Technology is a fast-paced company consisting of committed and talented people who strive to perform and deliver excellent results. We are driven towards excellence in everything we do by cherishing a passion for groundbreaking solutions. We value knowledge sharing, mutual respect, involvement, and honesty, which we apply in our dialogue with colleagues and customers. Together, it creates a strong foundation for high quality in everything we do, as well as continuous improvement and innovation to the benefit of our customers.

We are one team with a profound team spirit. Together, we have more fun, and we deliver better results. To join our team, you need to have the same attitude. And you must have a passion for innovative solutions.

We are proud of the solutions we make for and together with our customers, and we plan to continue to innovate ourselves and develop world-class technology and solutions. To do that, we need the best people on board. Are you the one? 

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