Creating the future of micro- and nanostructure solutions

NIL Technology is specialized in replication of micro- and nanostructures. We develop solutions for advanced high-tech components, focusing on optical applications for sensors, 3D imaging and displays

We enable future optical solutions for Smartphones, Augmented Reality, IoT, Automotive and more

Optical design - Mastering - Prototyping - Mass production

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Many names, unlimited possibilities

Masters are often referred to as stamps, templates, stampers, molds, shims or tools. Either way, we have high expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing them.

NIL Technology designs a variety of masters and stamps for different nano-replication and manufacturing platforms, including Nanoimprint Lithography, UV Replication, Hot Embossing, Injection Molding and Roll Imprinting. 

Read more about what materials we supply and what devices we support.  

We have extensive experience with designing, developing and manufacturing micro- and nano-patterned surface relief structures. We develop solutions for high-tech leaders and academia all over the world.

Read more about how we can help you with design, prototyping, manufacturing and R&D.

We have different tools and Lithography and Processing Services.

NIL Technology is specialized in optical applications. We have thorough experience within the whole journey, from design to prototyping and production.

At NIL Technology, we are experts in nanolithography and replication of nanostructures. We create high-quality solutions within Electron Beam Lithography, Deep UV Lithography, Laser Writing, Nanoimprint Lithography, Hot Embossing, Injections Molding, Roll-2-Roll and other services.

NIL Technology operates in a variety of different high-technology markets. We create products and solutions for the future. Markets include Virtual & Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Smartphones, Autonomous cars, DNA sequencing, Space, packaging and others.

We participate in a variety of different national and European projects that expands the possibilities and future advantages of micro- and nanotechnology.

An example is the IZADI- nano2industry project that addressed injection moulding, casting and coating of pilots for the production of improved components with nanomaterials for automotive, construction and agricultural machinery.

“The IZADI project can be considered an example of success case with the achievement of all the technical goals targeted.”

We are often on the road..

Carbonhagen 2019

Aug 21 - 22, 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark

CIOE 2019

Sep 04 - 07, 2019
Shenzhen, China


Oct 14-16, 2019
Boston, US