Photonics Spectra Article: Waveguide Designs Bring Extended Reality into Sight

January 2024 – Photonics Spectra has written an article which discusses the future of alternative, virtual, and mixed reality hinges on waveguide designs that can deliver user comfort, high functionality, and low cost. 

With contributions from NIL Technologies, Lumus, Digilens,VividQ, Inprentus, and in particular, Andreas Georgiou, a Microsoft researcher and optical engineer with Reality Optics in Cambridge, the view is that extended and mixed reality is indeed in sight. 

NIL Technology, which introduced its first diffractive gratings for AR in 2008, is seeing customers continuously request more advanced nanostructures to optimize their display performance. 

“At the same time, customers are, to a constantly higher degree, designing for manufacturing both from a mastering and a replication point of view.”
Theodor Nielsen
CEO & Founder of NIL Technology

An AR waveguide illuminated from the bottom. The circular port is where the overlay image from the light engine enters the waveguide. This overlay image is expanded in the trapezoidal section for an expanded eye-box and finally projected out of the plane of the waveguide into the users’ eyes. Courtesy of NIL Technology.

"We see very clear signs that the AR market is maturing."
Theodor Nielsen
CEO & Founder of NIL Technology

The article was published online January 2025 on

About NILT

NIL Technology ApS (NILT), founded in 2006, is an optical solutions company designing, developing, and manufacturing optical elements and components using high-precision nanoscale features. The company is backed by several industry-independent investors: Jolt Capital, NGP Capital, Swisscanto, Vaekstfonden, and the European Innovation Council (EIC). 

NILT creates competitive advantages with flat optics in optical applications for 3D sensing, consumer electronics, machine vision, autonomous vehicles, telecommunication, and AR/VR/MR displays. NILT is based in Denmark and has offices in Switzerland, Sweden, Malaysia, and the US. Visit us at

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