We create highly advanced products based on diffractive optics and metalenses. Our core focus is optical elements and components consisting of diffusers, fanouts, collimators and focusing lenses. 

We also make masters for augmented and mixed reality. All our masters and sub-masters are made to customer requirements. 

Meta Optics

Meta optics (also known as metalenses) are optimal for various applications as smartphones, AR/MR, wearables, automotive, robotics, and IoT platforms, with applications ranging from depth-sensing and presence detection to face identification, gesture recognition, eye-tracking, driver-monitoring systems, and medical instrumentation.

Metalenses lend themselves to compact lens and module architectures. In near-infrared applications, the lenses are produced using a silicon-on-glass substrate, which makes them mechanically robust and thermally stable.

NILT has an ever growing selection of solutions that fit your specific needs. 

focusing lens


94% efficiency metalenses, setting a new benchmark in manufacturing, demonstrating how innovative technology can revolutionize the future of sensing and imaging.


metaEye™ camera

Ultracompact metalens-based camera with applications for eye-tracking, smart locks, biometrics, SLAM and ubiquitous sensing across a range of applications.

Products | NIL Technology

Time of Flight camera

Metalens iTOF system that showcases depth mapping capabilities using a two-surface (2M) Rx metalens, effectively substituting 3-4 traditional refractive lenses.

Tx demo

Dot Projectors

Meta optics high efficiency, low dot uniformity error, and high contrast ratios, which enable exceptionally compact dot-projector modules.


Flood Illumination

Single-surface metalens flood illuminators with applications such as 3D sensing, illumination for time-of-flight sensing and face recognition.

pattern projection

Pattern Projection

Single-surface metalens pattern projectors that allow for extreme miniaturization of optical systems with up to 60% efficiency.

Optical Components & Elements

NIL Technology create state-of-the art optical elements and components making use of diffractive optics, metalenses and microlens arrays. 

Waveguides for AR & MR

We make masters for augmented and mixed reality (AR/MR) to some of the biggest players in the industry. 


NILT offers masters and sub-masters with a wide range of structures, and in a wide range of form factors and materials.

R&D Nanoimprint Tool

A desktop nanoimprint tool for easy replication of micro- and nanoscale structures​

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