We create advanced solutions within optical sensing, imaging and displays, by groundbreaking technology for diffusers, fanout, collimators, focusing lenses and waveguides. 

Our core technology is within diffractive optical elements, metalenses, and diffraction gratings like blazed and slanted gratings.

Diffractive Optical Elements

NIL Technology are specialized in diffractive optical elements (DOEs). We have extensive experience in complex and high precision DOEs.


NILT can design, manufacture, and characterize metasurfaces for visible and IR application up to ~2000 nm.

Blazed Gratings

We create high-quality, custom made blazed gratings with very low roughness, surface roughness and small antiblaze.

Slanted Gratings

We have extensive experience in Slanted gratings with extremely high accuracy and excellent uniformity.

Microlens Arrays

NIL Technology provides a wide range of custom microlens arrays with a broad range of lens configurations and spherical or aspherical lens shapes. 

Design, testing & mass production

NIL Technology provides a full solution for mass production of optical elements and components. We support all phases from idea and concept to prototyping and mass production.

Micro and nanostructuring

Micro and nano replication technologies are the cornerstones of NIL Technology.

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