NIL Technology ApS (NILT) is a leading supplier of solutions for advanced optical components. Our core business is optical designprototyping, mastering, and mass production of optical components. In addition, we develop high-technology solutions for biotech, space applications, packaging of consumer products, renewable energy and more.

Leaders of technology innovation around the world recognize NILT as a leading supplier of advanced nanostructured masters for various replication technologies, including nanoimprintUV-replicationhot embossingroll printing and injection molding. NIL Technology is named as one of 25 top European IoT and hardware start-ups to watch in 2019. You can read more about this here

About us, NIL Technology

We work closely with our customers and support all phases, from the initial idea, to proof-of-concept, to design and to manufacturing and mass production. NILT has the experience and capability to design and fabricate custom orders, to prototype and to mass produce micro- and nanostructured components.

We have a long history in participating in national and European funded research projects where we work with academic institutions and industrial leaders to develop nanotechnology solutions for the present and future.

We are always interested in discussing research and development activities of novel ideas for productions and solutions that have a clear market focus and where our unique technologies and capabilities are an advantage.

The NILT team consists of highly motivated and skilled engineers striving to deliver high quality one-stop solutions. Our team is represented by over 22 nationalities and roughly 50 % have a PhD degree. 

Our offices are located in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark (headquarters), Horgen, Switzerland and Gothenburg, Sweden

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About | NIL Technology

6 ongoing National and EC funded R&D projects

Ensuring Excellence

Ensuring excellence is about knowledge, experience and competences. We strive to deliver superiority and quality in everything we do. Consequently, excellence is one of our core values. As a global market leader, NILT is committed to ensuring excellence by providing solutions that meet every customers’ expectations. We have profound technical understanding of nano-lithographic processes and we develop fabrications in state-of-the-art silicon processing cleanrooms. By working with NILT, you are ensured that excellence is a value that we always endeavor to deliver.

Ensuring the future

Excellence is rooted in the enthusiasm and skills of our employees. Our passion for groundbreaking solutions is driven by involvement, knowledge sharing, mutual respect, and listening to our customers. Together, it creates a strong foundation for continuous improvement and innovation to the benefit of our customers. We are proud of the solutions we make for- and together with our customers and we continue to innovate ourselves to develop and deliver world-class technology and knowledge - to enable a smarter and better future."

Theodor Nielsen, CEO & Founder



Theodor Nielsen

Founder & CEO

Brian Bilenberg

Founder & EVP Mastering

Thomas Haals Løndorf


Thorlak Vestergaard

VP Manufacturing and Technology

Brian Orr

VP Sales

Diane Morgan

VP Business Operations

Tobias Senn

VP Engineering


Jens Peter Due Olsen


Henrik Nielsen

CEO at 5th Planted Games

Ali Al-Hasan

Jean Schmitt

Managing Partner at JOLT CAPITAL

Theodor Nielsen

Founder & CEO at NILT

Bo Ilsøe

Partner at NGP Capital

Christian Tang-Jespersen

Partner at ACME Capital


Jolt Capital is an independent Private Equity firm investing in fast growing, profitable, globally oriented technology companies of European origin.

NGP Capital is a globally engaged venture capital fund backing growth-stage and revenue-generating technology companies that seek to shape and power a fully connected world.

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Techn. N. Asger Mortensen

Professor & Villum Investigator, D-IAS Chair of Technical Science, Fellow of APS, OSA, SPIE & IOP

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