NIL Technology selected as one of the most promising European deep tech companies

12 January 2022. NIL Technology (NILT) is selected from more than 3,000 candidates to be part of the EIC ScalingUp program, a project by the European Innovation Council for the most promising deep-tech companies in Europe. The exclusive selection is given in recognition of NILT’s disruptive technology and exponential growth potential and follows a financing round of €26 million (USD 31 million) in the technology last year.

NIL Technology selected as one of the most promising European deep tech companies | NIL Technology

NILT has recently announced breakthrough innovations in flat optical solutions for 3D sensing made by meta and diffractive optics. NILT is ambitiously taking the lead in the development and mass production of exceptionally efficient, compact, and flat optics to accelerate the commercial use of optical solutions never to be seen before. 

Sensing the world around us

Theodor Nielsen, CEO, Founder, NIL Technology, says, “optics and photonics is a fast-growing industry with enormous potential across numerous markets. This can be explained by the rising demand for all kinds of products with tiny sensors that can see and detect the world around us, a demand that will only increase year over year. 

We can combine advanced simulation tools, state-of-the-art nanotechnology, and sophisticated mass production technologies to create simple yet extremely advanced optical solutions that are more efficient, compact, and easier to fabricate than any solutions you can find today. Our technology can radically change the performance and use of products like smartphones, autonomous cars, augmented and virtual reality glasses, robotics, surgery lasers, and smart homes.”

NILT’s optical solutions enable autonomous vehicles to eliminate traffic accidents and empower AR glasses to perform with the perfect blend of the digital and the real world. With NILT’s technology solutions, the metaverse is created by linking the digital- with the analog world around us.

The EIC ScalingUp program

NILT is excited to be part of the prestigious EIC ScalingUp program that is funded by the European Commission through the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA). The project aims to power the 50 most promising deep tech companies in Europe to achieve substantial growth and become world-scale companies. 

After a selection process in several stages, the top deep tech growth companies were chosen based on a solid set of investment and business criteria. A Selection Committee of experienced investors from the key domains (Digital, Heath, Sustainability) voted for the companies with the highest growth and financial potential. 

Partners in the program are Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Bpifrance & EuroQuity – Bpifrance, Tech Tour, and DeepWave Ventures.

About The European Innovation Council

The European Innovation Council (EIC) is an EU funding program. It has a budget of €10.1 billion to support, finance, and scale up SMEs with game-changing innovations. EIC is dedicated to creating a model for European deep tech Series B/C companies to scale beyond series B.

NIL Technology selected as one of the most promising European deep tech companies | NIL Technology
EIC ScalingUp
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