Injection Molding

Injection molding is by far the most successful production technology for plastic components. Typically, it is used in mass-production processes where the same element is created thousands or millions of times in succession.

Micro- and nanostructures can add many new advantages to injection molded products. We can deliver different solutions to improve processes related to injection molding.

Injection molding with steel and nickel inserts
Traditionally, injection molding utilizes a steel mold to define the shape of the object being created. We can deliver steel inserts, as well as nickel shims and silicon masters to be used in production of functionalized surfaces or lab-on-a-chip products by injection molding. We have extensive experience in combining nano-scale features with injection molding processes.

20x20 imprint

Injection molding with FBS – Functionality by Structure

We offer a sub-micro and nanopatterning service of injection molding tool inserts, also on free-form/curved surfaces. This allows for injection molding of plastic parts with features down to 300 nm linewidth. The patterns are placed in a few micrometers thick coating on top of the injection molding tool insert.

The injection molding tool inserts fit into existing injection molding tools so there is no need for adjustments – yet the injection molding process must be optimized and fine-tuned to achieve a perfect replication of the fine features. We have named this technology Functionality by Structure (FBS®), because plastic products with new functional surfaces are created directly in the injection molding process.

The technology has been demonstrated for more than 100,000 injection molding cycles without sign of degradation – even for the very fine 300 nm features.

NanoPlast - insert - glitter v2

Possible application areas of the FBS® technology are:

  • Optical diffraction
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Labelling, holograms, QR codes
  • Anti-reflection
  • Increased hydrophobicity or Self-cleaning

More applications will be developed in the future.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about the injection molding tool inserts – Functionality by Structure

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