Foundry for nanostructure mass production

Our expertise in meta-optics production infrastructure is leveraged to offer foundry services to customers wishing to bring their nanostructures to the market.

We are a fully integrated “one-stop shop”. From prototyping to mass production, we have the highest quality, custom manufactured nanostructures on the market, making NILT the most important partnership for you and your company. 

Come to us with your specifications

Whether you are looking for a new design, or you have a mature production specification already, NILT can build the solution for you.

and then we take it from there

NILT has many years of experience in advanced micro- and nano-structures, and in particular replication and nanoimprint techniques. Our expertise ranges from one-off samples, to prototyping and to manufacturing.

Our capabilities

Master Fabrication

Nanofoundry | NIL Technology

Our team of lithography experts will build a highly precise master up to 200 mm in size. Nanoscale features will be tailored based on our process knowledge so that critical dimensions on the final product are correct.


Nanofoundry | NIL Technology

Prototype parts will be produced by nanoimprint lithography or replication from the master for customer qualification. NILT can quickly iterate to improve turnaround time. We can also make prototypes using electron beam lithography or other patterning techniques.

Process Optimization

Nanofoundry | NIL Technology

NILT will transfer your product to our manufacturing group, which mass produces your parts.  

Mass Production

Nanofoundry | NIL Technology

NILT facilities have a high degree of flexibility allowing for efficient ramp-up and changing demand. 

Our tools


Nanofoundry | NIL Technology

Electron beam lithography

Nanoimprint lithography

UV lithography



Meta optics by NILT


Dry etching

Metal deposition

Furnace processes



Nanofoundry | NIL Technology

Characterization of products based on optical characterization
microscopy (SEM, AFM, OM)

In-line process controls using non-destructive methods

Optical method for characterization of mechanical parameters of nanostructures, fast and non-destructive




Why Choose NILT

Flexible engagement models (quick prototyping, foundry services, manufacture of high precision masters as needed, efficient transfer to mass production).

Novel micro/nano fabrication methods and process technologies. 

Consistent and reliable performance driven by robust production practices and mature controls. 

Competitive cost structure: NILT is a vertically integrated company. 

Large flexibility in materials (organicinorganic, oxides, metals) and substrate materials / shapes. 

Highest quality: Full compliance with reliability requirements guarantees that NILT products seamlessly integrate with customers’ supply chain and manufacturing processes. 

Let's discuss your project needs

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