NILT wins project on development of nanostructured enabled diagnostic platform and scale-up for mass production

Press Release

Copenhagen, Denmark, April XX, 2024. NIL Technology (NILT), a worldwide leader in meta-optics and fabrication of nanostructured surfaces, announces its expanded collaboration with an undisclosed leading biotech company to develop and scale-up a blood-based optical diagnostic platform for Alzheimer’s detection. 

NILT has been selected to supply prototypes and small volume production for the R&D phase, as well as preparing the scale-up to mass production. NILT has unveiled its capability to produce high-fidelity and reproducible metallic nanostructured arrays, a critical component for transmission surface-plasmon resonance (TSPR) measurement techniques, which can revolutionize next-generation disease detection and medical research. 

Critical to this collaboration is NILT’s extensive experience with nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and mass production of nanoscale structures (which includes meta-optics, also known as metalenses or flat optics) that reduce the size, cost, and complexity of a range of devices we use every day. 

“NIL Technology has a long-standing legacy in the life-science domain collaborating with companies to develop innovative sensing platforms,” said Brian Bilenberg, Founder and Executive Vice President of Technology at NILT. “This collaboration with our partner on an Alzheimer’s blood test exemplifies our superior capabilities to produce high-quality nanostructures enabled by advanced NIL processes. In this collaboration we enable the development and production of innovative solutions that revolutionize disease detection and improve patient outcomes. By combining our existing mass production capabilities for nanostructured devices with the biotech company’s expertise, we anticipate groundbreaking advancements that will benefit patients and healthcare professionals alike.” 

The sensor is a critical component of the sensitive and accurate test that provides insights into the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s, a disease affecting up to 40 million people worldwide today. With a simple blood draw, the new testing modality offers a method of molecular testing that is non-invasive and at a lower cost than an amyloid PET scan. 

TSPR is a powerful analytical technique that utilizes the interaction of light with nanostructured surfaces to enable ultrasensitive detection of various biomarkers and chemicals. NILT’s nano-structuring capabilities offer exceptional nanoscale control and can be engineered for different applications. 

Crucially, NILT’s production capabilities ensure efficient scaling of TSPR and SPR-based diagnostic tools. This will empower companies developing these diagnostics tools to broaden the application of these revolutionary technologies in medical research and clinical settings. 

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