CNI – Compact Nanoimprint Tool

CNI v2.1 edition

A desktop nanoimprint tool, for easy replication of micro- and nanoscale structures.

The starting point for nano-replication

The CNI is a desktop size tool for nanoimprint and hot embossing. It allows for replication of micro- and nanostructures from a master to a substrate. The CNI tool can perform both thermal replication and UV replication.

The tool is available in a 100 mm version that supports masters and substrates up to 100 mm diameter, and a 150 mm version that supports thermal processing on masters and substrates up to 150 mm, and UV processing of masters and substrates up to 200 mm diameter.

The CNI tool is the perfect starting point for nanoimprint, but it also supports mature and advanced development work. The CNI tool is simple to operate, it is robust and facilitates non-standard processes and new experiments.

  • Nanoimprint (thermal and UV)
  • Up to 200 mm diameter substrates with UV
  • Up to 150×150 mm substrates with thermal processing
  • Hot embossing
  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Versatile usage
  • Plug-and-play
  • Designed for R&D
CNI tool

Benefits of the CNI

Easy to install Plug and play in less than 20 minutes
Excellent With its thermal and UV replication capabilities, in vacuum if needed, the CNI tool is unique in its offering and supports many different technologies and processes
Easy to use Everyone can use it! (You will probably never read the manual)
Compact size 25 x 28 x 16 cm (size of imprint chamber)40 x 25 x 9.5 cm (up to three control modules)1 laptop
Attractive offer CNI is compact and has no need for fixed installation
High quality imprints Capable of replicating structures from smaller than 40 nm to structures larger than 100 µm
Versatile You can work with any size of stamp and substrates up to 200 mm (8-inch) round formats in UV or up to 150x150 mm substrates (rounded to max 200 mm diameter)
Support We assist our clients in obtaining good results, offering individual support with focus on your processing needs.

CNI v2.1 features

  • A desktop size nanoimprint tool.
  • Thermal NIL up to 240ºC
  • UV NIL @ 365 nm
  • Imprint pressure from 0.3 to 11 bar
  • Imprint in vacuum (1 mbar)
  • Stamp and substrate size: Up to 200 mm diameter
  • No fixed format for stamps and substrates
  • Robust and simple to use
  • Manual load and unload of stamp and substrate.
  • Automatic process control
  • Easy to operate software interface
  • Logging of all recipes and processes

CNI v2.1 supports many different technologies:

  • Thermal nanoimprint
  • UV nanoimprint
  • Hot embossing
  • µ-contact printing
  • Polymer bonding

Examples of use include

  • Imprint of nanostructures
  • Imprint of microstructures
  • Imprint of gratings with nm pitch on silicon
  • Imprint on fragile substrates (e.g. III-V materials, InP)
  • Production of working stamps
  • Hot embossing of high aspect ratio structures
  • Hot embossing of polymer sheets
  • Thermal polymer bonding


Technical requirements at installation site
  • Compressed dry air or nitrogen pressures of 6-11 bar with outer diameter Ø 6 mm connector. Flow should be at least ½ standard L/min
  • Vacuum better than 0.1 mbar in Ø10 mm outer diameter connector (if you want the full benefit of the vacuum option)
  • Power of 110-240V (50-60 Hz, larger than 200 W)
  • CNI shall preferably be installed in clean, dust- and particle free environment to achieve an optimal result
  • Operating temperature range: 10°C to 35°C
  • Operating humidity range: 30-70%
  • Pressure booster: If your lab cannot supply at least 6 bar of compressed air pressure, NILT can provide a pressure booster that will double 3-5 bar to 6-10 bar.
  • Vacuum: NILT recommends the Welch PK2DC oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump or the Welch MP101 V dry diaphragm vacuum pump to use with the vacuum option. Any other pump with similar or better specs should work as well.
CNI tool



  • Imprint pressure from 0.3 – 11 bar overpressure


  • Up to 200 ºC with control of +/- 1ºC
    • Up to 240 ºC with the High Temperature Option

UV exposure

  • UV led light with 365 nm wavelength and optical
    power of 55 W


  • The imprint chamber can be evacuated down
    to pressure below 1 mbar

Size of imprint chamber

  • Diameter of 200 mm and height of 20 mm

Automated replication process

  • Stamp and substrate are loaded manually
  • Replication process is fully automated and
    controlled through CNI software


  • Full process control and flexibility. Everything besides loading and unloading is handled by the software

CNI customization

  • CNI can be modified to meet individual requirements

On-line video instructions

  • On-line video installation and operation guides


  • Pressure booster to boost a lab compressed air supply from 3-5 bar to 6-10 bar
  • Training and/or installation by NILT personnel