NIL Technology offers a standard anti-glare structure stamp. Anti-glare structures are used to control glare from displays, optical devices and also non-optical surfaces. Disturbing reflections are suppressed; therefore, the viewer can easily see the content displayed on a screen and not the reflected images of bright windows and light sources.

Anti-glare surfaces are useful in bright environments, offices and under varying lighting conditions. The anti-glare standard stamp has been specifically designed for R&D work, as well as for product and process development.

Some of the most important additional features are:

  • An ultrathin surface layer of only a few μm thickness
  • The ability to hide fingerprints
  • Transmittance is as high as on glossy flat display

How it works
The anti-glare surface structure is specially designed with an irregular surface pattern. The pattern diffuses light into very small angles, in order to suppress specular reflection from the surface while keeping the contrast high to ensure good readability of the display behind it. The holographic surfaces show a very high transmittance.

Anti-glare applications

  • Glare control on flat type display like desktop monitors, laptops, tablet PCs,
    • on public displays and signs,
    • on digital signage and e-book readers
  • Touch membrane sensors
  • Surface finish on furniture and home appliances
    • and on industrial equipment surfaces

Typical users of anti-glare stamps:

  • Display screen manufacturers
  • Film manufacturers

The standard anti-glare structure stamp can be delivered with or without anti-sticking coating.

Note that the standard anti-glare structure stamp is only for test and product development purposes. A commercial use of the standard MLA stamp lens structures requires a royalty agreement.

Anti-Glare Standard Stamp
Structure type
Optical function
Suppression of specular reflections
Diffusion angle (FWHM)*
about 10
Stamp thickness
300 µm +/- 5%
Stamp size
100 mm x 100 mm
Active size
80 mm x 80 mm
Haze value */**
2,23% +/- 0,05%
Transmittance */**
92,2% +/- 0,05%
Structure amplitude
up to 4 µm
Anti-glare structures SEM image showing a 2D-stochastical surface

Gaussian circular
SEM image showing a 2D-stochastical surface

Anti-glare structures

Comparison with and without anti-glare structure

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