Optica Industry Summit

Optica Industry Summit | NIL Technology

Copenhagen, Denmark – May 15, 2023 — NILT will attend the Optica Industry Summit on Photonics and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, giving a talk on NILT’s current development of waveguides for AR/MR and solutions based on meta-optical elements. 

The summit is an annual event for leaders in photonics and advanced manufacturing technologies and will be hosted at EVG’s headquarter in St Florian am Inn, Austria, on the 23 – 24 of June 2023. 

The summit will focus on addressing challenges in photonics, automotive, and consumer electronics areas, and topics of discussion will include nanoimprint lithography, maskless lithography technology, meta optics, AR waveguides, and wafer-level optics.

The Summit brings together the entire community, from manufacturing companies and their supply chain partners to end-users. NILT will be presented by Theodor Nielsen, CEO and Founder of NILT.

Reach out to us at [email protected] if you would like to schedule time with Theodor at the event. 

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