NILT is going to ICMAT 2023 in Singapore

Copenhagen, Denmark – 20 June 2023 — The ICMAT conference, The International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies, will be organized for the 11th time in Singapore from 26th to 30th June 20, 2023. NIL Technology will be presented by Theodor Nielsen, CEO & Founder, that will be giving an invited talk on Monday, 26 June, with the title:

Delivering Flat Optics Solutions from Design to Mass Production

Depth sensing applications in smartphones, consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles, and augmented reality require highly compact, lightweight, and high-performance illumination and camera systems.

NILT is developing technologies to address needs in time-of-flight systems, ultra-compact eye tracking, automotive driver monitoring systems, AR optical waveguides, and short wavelength IR for medical and multi-spectral applications.

This talk will present the latest developments in NILT’s meta-optics RX lenses. Additionally, we will present a range of technologies developed by NILT, including single-element flood illuminators, dot projectors, and high-precision masters for AR optical waveguides.


ICMAT 2023 stands as the foremost scientific platform for researchers to present their findings to an international and interdisciplinary audience. The event serves as a window into the future of materials science, fostering the opportunity for researchers of all levels, from students and postdocs to esteemed Nobel Laureates, to share their expertise, exchange technical information, and network with their peers.

Anticipating the upcoming conference, ICMAT 2023, we expect a gathering of 2,500 delegates. The conference will encompass 31 technical symposia featuring plenary and theme lectures, along with special activities, exhibitions, and a rich array of keynote, invited, oral, and poster presentations.

The ICMAT series has witnessed remarkable success over its first 10 conferences, attracting over 25,000 participants, including 28 Nobel Laureates and numerous distinguished plenary and keynote speakers. Additionally, thousands of invited speakers have contributed to the immense knowledge exchange facilitated by this biennial event.

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