Blazed Gratings

NIL Technology can offer you high-quality, custom-made blazed gratings with very low roughness, surface roughness and small antiblaze. The blazed gratings’ pitch can be down to 200 nm and the blaze angle end grating depth can be tuned to meet the required specifications.

A blazed grating, or also called echelette grating (from French échelle = ladder) or saw-tooth gratings, is a special type of reflective or transmission diffraction grating that is optimized to achieve maximum grating efficiency in one given diffraction order. For this purpose, maximum optical power is concentrated in the desired diffraction order, while the residual power in the other orders (particularly the zeroth) is minimized. This condition can only be achieved for a single wavelength. The direction in which maximum efficiency is achieved is called the blaze angle.

Blazed gratings
Blazed gratings – Saw tooth gratings
Regular V-grooves or high quality custom made blazed gratings with low roughness. The blazed gratings’ pitch can be down to 200 nm, the blaze angle can be tuned to specifications and the anti-blaze can be made very small.