Meta Optics Materials Expert

NIL Technology is growing, and we are looking for an expert in materials to join our meta optics team based in our headquarters in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark. Your responsibility is to develop/identify materials, material properties and material systems for meta optics. The position requires both theoretical understanding of the materials, as well as hands-on work in the lab to make meta optics prototypes. We expect that you have experience with material science in combination with optics.  Furthermore, it is an advantage if you are experienced with cleanroom work which is required for the meta optics prototyping. This includes experience with scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, optical microscopy, dry etching, nanoimprint lithography and thin film deposition.

You will work closely together with colleagues in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and US. You will be based in our headquarters in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark, where you will join our meta optics team. Your work will primarily be carried out in the DTU Nanolab cleanroom facility at the Technical University of Denmark.

You will be part of a company that offers a fast moving and busy work environment, where all opinions are valued together. We appreciate team spirit and mutual success very high. We have a profound “we win and we lose together” spirit which we value and culture.

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Essential duties and responsibilities of the position

  • Identify and develop materials for meta optics
  • Setup processes for making meta prototypes with the materials
  • Make prototypes with the materials in the cleanroom
  • Characterize the prototypes by physical metrology
  • Together with the optics test team evaluate the performance of the prototypes from the materials point of view

Must have

  • You must be allowed to work in Denmark
  • MSc or PhD in applied science or material science
  • Experience with materials for meta optics
  • Understand the material properties required to build meta optical components
  • Experience with hands-on lab work and preferably also cleanroom work

We will evaluate applications as they are received and we will be happy to receive your application as soon as possible and no later than October 1st, 2020. We encourage you to send us your application by email to [email protected]. Please use the subject line “Meta Optics Expert_your name”. The application should as minimum include motivation, CV and a description of previous related experience.

You application may be stored with the company for up to 6 months unless you request otherwise.

About NILT

NILT is a well-funded, IP rich, innovative nano-optics company with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently, we have 50 employees among our four locations in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. We are working with clients from more than 30 countries, and we are active in several national and EU financed development projects. Our team consist of people with background from more than 20 countries and the company language is English. NILT is financially backed by seasoned executives from the industry, as well as from major tech equity investors who all share our appetite for growth.
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