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NILT Compact Nanoimprint Tool – Options and Applications

NIL Technology puts focus on the Compact Nanoimprint Tool, the CNI, in this on-demand webinar that goes in depth with the flexible tool for nanoimprinting, hot embossing and more. 

The on-demand CNI webinar is especially interesting for R&D departments, high-tech companies and universities that are interested in replication of micro- and nanoscale structures

The CNI is a very flexible tool and can be used in a variety of ways. The imagination sets the limits. In this on-demand webinar, we address the many possibility you have with the tool. You will get the advantage of seeing the CNI in action and how you can configure it to fit exactly your needs

In the webinar, Kristian Smistrup, NILT’s Senior Tool Development Engineer, gives you the recipe to:

  • How you quickly can get started with the CNI
  • Take full advantage of the tool
  •  What the difference is to the many configurations that you can have with the CNI
  • Finally, you will see a few examples of CNI processing

The webinar is free of charge and can be viewed at your convenience. We’ll send you a link to a webinar that was recorded in September 2020. Many questions from the audience are included . 

You should not miss out of this webinar if you have any interest in the CNI.

CNI v3.0, a desktop nanoimprint tool

Why should you watch the webinar?

Maybe you have considered the CNI at an earlier stage or you are thinking that it might be the right tool for the work you are doing now?

Either way, the on-demand webinar with Kristian gives you a better understanding of the CNI and how you can use it for different technologies. 

Get the key to success

Get the best tips & tricks from our CNI master, Kristian Smistrup. He knows everything that is to know about the tool. 

45 minutes to get to know the many possibilities

Get the whole picture in just 45 minutes – when you have the time to watch the webinar. We’ll send you a link so you can watch it when you want. 

See the CNI in action

We understand that you might have many considerations before you invest in a CNI. In the webinar you will get a far better understanding of the tool and how you use it.

Skip the manual

Learn how you can get going in just 20 minutes. 

Would you like to know more?

Reach out to Kristian Smistrup. He is our CNI expert and know all that is to know about the CNI. 

Kristian Smistrup

Kristian Smistrup
Senior Tool Development Engineer
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Yes, please send me a link with the recording!

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