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Simprint Core v4.1 - Simulation Software

To support nanoimprint users and save valuable time in the laboratory on optimization of the imprint parameters, NILT offers the Simprint Simulation Software. The software provides simulations of Residual Layer Thickness (RLT) variations and assists the user in identifying optimal process parameters.

Key features:
  • Residual layer thickness simulation
  • Fast full-chip simulation
  • Support of UV-NIL and thermal NIL
  • Simulate impact of rough substrates
  • Multilayer stamp support
  • Ability to simulate the effect of a cushion layer beneath the wafer
  • Ability to represent up to two stamp cavity heights within a stamp by importing multiple GDS files
  • Accelerated speed of simulations and improved stability compared to previous versions
NIL Simulation Software​ | NIL Technology

The Simprint Simulation Software allows fast full-chip simulation of RLT and stamp cavity filling. It is at least 1,000 times faster than conventional (e.g. finite element based) simulation approaches and balances simulation speed with spatial resolution according to the specific requirements.

The Simprint Simulation Software takes into account protrusion shape and size as well as areal density, allowing the users to identify any potential issues with the stamp design.

The Simprint Simulation Software accepts GDS design files as direct input for the simulations and the imprint parameters and the polymer parameters are defined in separate input files for easy reuse.

The intuitive graphical user interface allows users to view maps of RLT and cavity filling, to obtain cross-sections of both, and to save data files from the simulations.


Simprint Simulation Software

Screenshots from the SimPrint Simulation Suite

NIL Simulation Software​ | NIL Technology
NIL Simulation Software​ | NIL Technology
NIL Simulation Software​ | NIL Technology
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