Holoprint UNI A6 DT

The HoloPrint UNI A6 DT is an easy-to-use tabletop unit for lab-scale NIL work.

Typical applications include imprinting of functional structures like lab-on-chip, diffractive optical elements and other types of nano-imprinted structures.

The HoloPrint also allows the user to do test and characterization of photo-curable resins and imprint materials. It comes with our new optical curing engine and an easy mounting method for imprint templates. Make your own templates from hot embossed polymer, PDMS, HPDMS or choose from our easy-to-use consumables.

HoloPrintTM saves time and money, is better for the environment and opens up new opportunities for industrial micro and nanostructuring of surfaces.

Jan Stensborg, Dir. Stensborg A/S

Specifications for the Holoprint

Max imprint size
105 x 148 mm (W x L), Substrate thickness up to 8mm
Typical replication speed
60 replications per hour, including manual procedures. (Plate movement speed up to 6 m/min.)
Two inputs
Roll to plate and roll to foil operation
Resin Consumables/materials
Our industrially accepted workhorse 3D imprint Resin “X29” works great with the A6 models
Optical curing engine
LongLife 395nm LED (passive cooling), up to 200mJ/cm2 at 6m/min
Power supply
220V/110V included
Size and Weight
670 x 380 x 320 mm. (L x W x H), 26kg/57lbs
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