We have developed tools to support R&D, testing and prototyping of components made by replication of micro- and nanoscale structures. Our tools include nanoimprint tools for thermal and UV replication, as well as roll-2-plate printing, anti-stick coating chamber and software simulation tool for the nanoimprint process. These tools are not suited for manufacturing (with the simulation tool as an exception).

CNI - UV and Thermal NIL Tool

The CNI tool is a desktop pattern replication system, providing easy access to replication of functional patterns and structures fast and cost-efficiently.

CNI tool


The EZImprinting Nanoimprint Technology Platform is a standalone nanoimprint station including a nanoimprint module with AutoRelease™ function and an automatic imprint controller.

CT100 - Release Agent Treatment Tool

In order to perform high quality imprints one needs a mold with low surface energy to ensure easy release of the mold from the imprint resist. The CT100 release agent treatment tool is an easy to use fully automated tool which anti-stick coat your molds in just 15 min.

PC100 - Plasma cleaning tool

The PC100 plasma cleaning tool is a batch cleaning tool with downstream plasma (wafers are placed vertically inside the chamber). The downstream plasma will not attack any in-organic materials including metals on the wafer surface. The tool can be equipped with 3 nm filters to ensure super low particle contamination on the wafers after cleaning.

NIL Simulation Software

To support nanoimprint users and save valuable time in the laboratory on optimization of the imprint parameters, NILT offers the Simprint Simulation Software.