Optical Design

We design single optical components, such as Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE), Micro Lens Arrays (MLA), and gratings, as well as optical systems.

We provide optical design to match specific optical needs. We use commercially available optical design tools, as well as in-house optimization algorithms. The optical designs can quickly be validated by making a master, replication in optically suitable material and tested to provide information for optimization and mass production.

Mastering to support prototyping and manufacturing. Masters are made to realize the optical design provided by our customer or internally from our design team. Read more about masters here.

Optical design in NIL Technology
Hot embossing in a compact nanoimprint tool (CNI)


Prototyping of optical components are done in-house. We have a short cycle time from idea/concept to physical components that can be tested for their optical performance. This provides a competitive advantage for our customers, and important feedback to design optimization. In parallel the prototyping provides valuable data for efficient mass production. We offer prototyping across a number of replication techniques to facilitate better compatibility with the chosen manufacturing technology.

Mastering, prototyping and mass production are also offered for components and products other than optical components.

Mass Production

Manufacturing and mass production including optical testing and validation of optical components.

We offer mass production of optical components. The manufacturing is done in-house or with manufacturing partners depending of technology, materials and volumes. The manufacturing makes use of our high-quality state-of-the-art masters. Our manufacturing setup is scalable from small to large volumes. Manufacturing of non-optical products is also available.

Optical Design/Prototyping/Manufacturing | NIL Technology
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