Optical Diffusers

What are Optical Diffusers?

Optical diffusers function as components that can absorb a monochromatic laser beam and scatter the light into any pattern. The pattern can either be simple geometries like dot patterns, but it can also be more advanced patterns like company logos or text etc. Optical diffusers can be designed to generate a deterministic pattern, but also to modify the incoming light to a uniform light field.

Custom Optical Diffusers

We support customers from design to fabrication of optical diffusers with arbitary shape output intensity patter. These include circular and rectangular flat top profiles, diffused line, logos etc. Our optical diffusers are performing with higher levels of efficiency, while they are alignment insensitive to the position of the input beam.

For our diffusers we routinely offer up to 16 levels and down to 250 nm feature size. Depending on the application more levels or smaller feature sizes can be obtained.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about what we can do in regards of diffusers or any other DOE component. 

Schematics for DOE Diffusers

DOE Diffuser

Optical DOE diffusers are designed and fabricated to manipulate and control the phase of an input laser beam (typically Gaussian Beam). This is done to be able to generate the desired output pattern with homogenized and uniform intensity. 

As it can be seen in figure, an input laser beam with a Gaussian intensity profile passes through a designed DOE diffuser and the desired output pattern (rectangular flat type intensity, in this case) can be generated at the target plane. 

Would you like to know more about optical diffusers and how we may help you? Feel free to contact us any time! 

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