Fan Out Diffractive Beam Splitters

What are fan out diffractive beam splitters?

Fan outs are multi-level DOE components designed and fabricated with the aim of splitting an input beam into N x M beams, with adjustable separation between them. Each individual splitted beam inherits the basic properties of input beam such as polarization, phase, and size.

DOE beam splitters are not limited to regular N x M arrays, basically, they could have any arbitrary arrays of splitted beams for a variety of applications, to perform at specific monochromatic wavelength.      

Fan outs and what we can do

NIL Technology can design, prototype and manufacture fan out diffractive beam splitters meeting customer specifications. For DOE’s we routinely offer up to 16 levels and down to 200 nm feature size. Depending on the application more levels or smaller feature sizes can be obtained.

You are more than welcome to contact us to get more information. 

You can also read more about beam splitters at RP photonics Encyclopedia. 

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