3D Sensing

NIL Technology specializes in 3D sensing technology that enables advantages of high accuracy and speed, and low power consumption in optical applications.

3D sensing, or three-dimensional sensing, is a depth-sensing technology, more precisely the process of capturing depth, width, length, and in-depth details about humans, objects, and surroundings, and transforming this information to assistance of our way of life.

NIL Technology specializes in active components for 3D sensing applications. We design and manufacture optical components for both emitters and receivers in 3D sensing applications. Typical optical elements and components include diffusers, fanout gratings and metalenses.

Two main technologies power 3D sensing applications: Structured Light and Time of Flight. 

Structured Light

We design optical elements that create a projected light pattern and focus a reflected pattern onto a detector surface in the most compact way.

In structured light, a pre-defined light pattern of for example dots or lines is projected onto a scene. A camera records the reflected light pattern that is slightly distorted depending on the distance to the reflecting surfaces. By analyzing the difference between the emitted and the recorded light pattern 3D information is obtained.

NILT offers design and manufacturing of optical elements to both create the projected light pattern and focus the reflected pattern onto a detector surface in the most compact way.

Time of Flight

We design and manufacture optical elements for time-of-flight sensing technology.

In time-of-flight (including Lidar) a light pulse is emitted onto a scene and the reflected light recorded by a sensor. By measuring the time it takes from the light is emitted until it is detected by the sensor, the distance can be calculated by multiplying the speed of light and dividing by two. NILT offers design and optical elements for both projector and receiver optics.

For 3D applications, we design and manufacture elements as DOE and metalenses, DOE diffusers and fan-out gratings for flood and dot projectors, as well DOE or metalenses for the receiver optics.

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