NIL Technology to showcase four advanced flat optics solutions at SPIE Photonics West

Copenhagen, Denmark – January 26, 2023 NIL Technology (NILT), a leader in advanced optical solutions, is announcing four live demonstrations of revolutionary advanced optical elements at this year’s SPIE Photonics West conference. The demos will range from single-surface and multi-surface Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs) to Meta Optical Elements (MOEs) and Augmented Reality (AR) waveguides.  

With the range of demonstrations, NILT will show that flat optics are ready to be designed into various applications, including mobile 3D sensing, face recognition, eye-tracking, near-infrared security imaging, automotive driver monitoring systems, and industrial machine vision.

SWIR metalens 1380 Camera

NILT will premiere its first complete meta-imaging system built for short wavelength infrared (SWIR), optimized for 1380nm. NILT will showcase a 1M-SWIR meta optical element in combination with TriEye’s CMOS-based SWIR image sensor and a bandpass filter. NILT’s SWIR technology can be adapted for wavelengths across the entire SWIR spectrum. 

Near-infrared metalens 940 Camera

NIL Technology (NILT) will demonstrate a complete imaging system built around the upgraded 1M meta-optical element. The compact camera module consists of NILT’s upgraded 1M, tier 1 commercial 1/9″ CMOS image sensor, and an infrared bandpass filter centered around 940 nm.

Product demo on stage: The single metalens camera will be demonstrated on stage Wednesday, February 1, at 12 PM, Moscone Center Demo area 2, Hall E.

DOE Dot Projector

NILT will demonstrate a compact, high-performance dot-pattern projector operating at 940nm. The module consists of NILT’s state-of-the-art collimator and fan-out elements illuminated by a commercially available VCSEL array. This projector architecture with separate DOE collimator and fanout elements offers precise control and lower unit-to-unit variation compared to refractive collimators, thus delivering higher overall performance.

NILT is ready to discuss their advanced single-surface DOE fan-out that eliminates the need for separate collimator optics, a solution that is now a finalist in this year’s SPIE Prism Award.

Conference presentation: Flat optics for compact integration and high performance, Tuesday, January 31, at 5.20 PM – 5.40 PM, Moscone Center, Room 205 (Level 2 South).

AR Waveguide Module

This year’s exhibit features an exemplary waveguide module, combining 17 years of experience in mastering with state-of-the-art optical design software (LightTrans) and mass-manufacturing expertise in wafer-level replication (Morphotonics). A monochrome microLED projector (JBD @532nm) is coupled into a waveguide consisting of three 1D gratings (in-coupler, pupil expander, and out-coupler).

Conference presentationEnabling the metaverse through mass manufacturing of industry-standard optical waveguide combiners. In this presentation, our partner LightTrans International will present the developments towards mass manufacturing surface-relief grating AR waveguides. Monday, January 30, 9.20 AM – 9.40 AM, Moscone Center, Room 3022 (Level 3 West)  

Please visit NILT at the Photonics West Exhibition, The Moscone Center, booth 4221, for the demonstrations and meeting with NILT’s leadership team, or contact Brian Orr, VP Sales at [email protected] for a tour of the demos.

About NILT  

NIL Technology ApS (NILT), founded in 2006, is an optical solutions company designing, developing, and manufacturing optical elements and components using high-precision nanoscale features. The company is backed by several industry-independent investors:  Jolt Capital, NGP Capital, Swisscanto, Vaekstfonden, and the European Innovation Council (EIC).

NILT creates competitive advantages with flat optics in optical applications for 3D sensing, consumer electronics, machine vision, autonomous vehicles, telecommunication, and AR/VR/MR displays; all solutions are made by diffractive optical elements (DOE) and metalenses/meta optical elements (MOE). NILT is based in Denmark and has offices in Switzerland, Sweden, and the US. Visit us at

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