Optica Industry Summit

Copenhagen, Denmark – May 15, 2023 — NILT will attend the Optica Industry Summit on Photonics and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, giving a talk on NILT’s current development of waveguides for

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NILT launches NTLight

Copenhagen, Denmark – May 2, 2023 — NIL Technology launches NTLight Projector & Illuminator Solutions, our state-of-the-art technology for projection and illumination needs. NTLight is diffusers, custom-built dot-projectors, and integrated

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NILT launches Metalens Prototyping

Copenhagen, Denmark – March 6, 2023 — NIL Technology launches metalens prototyping services for NIR/SWIR/visible. NILT can now realize your metalens (MOE) design, from a GDS file to the final

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