Anti-Reflection – Standard Stamp

NIL Technology offers a wide range of standard stamps with Anti-Reflection (AR) structures. The AR Standard Stamp portfolio contains stamps for making AR structures for both AR in the visible range, as well as in the near infrared range. The standard stamps are offered in different size formats. All stamps can be supplied in larger sizes upon request and in special formats of laser cut from the formats specified below.

The AR structures are based on the moth-eye design, the best of which can reduce the reflectivity from a PMMA surface to below 0.2% in the visible and near infrared range.

The AR standard stamps can be delivered with or without anti-sticking coating.

Note that the AR standard stamps are only for test and product development purposes. A commercial use of the AR standard stamp structures requires a royalty agreement

Specifications for AR stamps for the visible range

SpecificationsType BType AType C
Grating typeHexagonal ArrayHexagonal ArrayHexagonal Array
Pitch300 nm250 nm250 nm
Average height300 nm350 nm350 nm
Stamp thickness300 µm300 µm300 µm
Stamp size
70 mm x 70 mm120 mm x 120 mm250 mm x 250 mm
Active area50 mm x 50 mm100 mm x 100 mm200 mm x 200 mm
Expected %R PMMALess than 0.6%Less than 0.2%Less than 0.2%
Pattern polarityProtrusionsProtrusionsProtrusions

Specifications for AR stamp for the near infrared range

SpecificationsType NIR
Grating typeHexagonal Array
Pitch500 nm
Average heightLarger than 700 nm
Stamp thickness300 µm
Stamp size
100 mm x 100 mm
Active area80 mm x 80 mm
Expected %R acrylic polymer @ 900 nm
Expected %R acrylic polymer @ 1500 nm
Less than 0.2%
Less than 0.3%
Pattern polarityHoles

Examples - AR Standard Stamp

Different examples of patterns and features