Wire Grid Polarizer – Standard Stamp

NILT offers standard wire grid polarizer, (WGP), stamps that are specifically designed to be used to make wire grip polarizer substrates. The standard WGP stamps are made in silicon and comes in a chip size format of 48 mm x 52 mm with a guaranteed active area of 45 mm x 45 mm. The Type A stamp has a pitch of 100 nm (50 nm half-pitch) and the Type B stamp has a pitch of 140 nm (70 nm half-pitch). The profile heights are 130 nm and 150 nm, respectively.

The standard WGP stamps are made from 300 mm wafers. Thus, upon request, they can be delivered in any format up to 300 mm round format and with customer specified linewidth, pitch and etch depth.

Standard WGP stamps are designed to be used to make WGP on substrates by nano-imprint
lithography. This can be accomplished by imprinting and lift-off, imprinting and etching, or by reverse imprinting.

The Standard WGP stamps can be delivered with or without anti-sticking coating.

Note that the standard WPG stamps are only for test and product development purposes. A
commercial use of the standard WPG stamp lens structures requires a royalty agreement.

We also make custom WGPs. You can read more about those HERE

Silicon standard WPG stamps

Type A
Type B
Stamp ID
WGPSS_ 50hp
WGPSS_ 70hp
50 nm +/- 10%
70 nm +/- 10%
100 nm +/- 5%
140 nm +/- 5%
Profile height/depth
130 nm +/- 10%
150 nm +/- 10%
Stamp size
48 mm x 52 mm
48 mm x 52 mm
Stamp thickness
775 µm +/- 25 um
775 µm +/- 25 um
Pattern location
Fully patterned
Fully patterned
Guaranteed area (center of stamp)
45 mm x 45 mm
45 mm x 45 mm
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