Microlens Array – Standard Stamp

NIL technology offers a wide range of standard microlens array, (MLA), standard stamps that can be used to emboss or injection mold micro lenses in to various polymer materials. The standard MLA stamps have been specifically designed for R&D work as well as for product and process development.

The stamps are offered in silicon and/or nickel. The lens diameters range from 1.3 µm to 20 µm with a SAG height ranging from 0.12 µm to 5.5 µm. The active areas on the standard MLA stamps ranges from 5 mm x 5 mm to 100 mm x 100 mm. The standard MLA stamps can be delivered with or without anti-sticking coating.

Note that the standard MLA stamps are only for test and product development purposes. A commercial use of the standard MLA stamp lens structures requires a royalty agreement.

You can read more about Microlens Arrays and customizations here

Nickel standard MLA stamps

TypeType BType D
Structure geometryHexagonal / HoneycombHexagonal / Honeycomb
Lens diameter9 µm9 µm
Average lens height5.5 µm5.5 µm
Stamp thickness100 µm – 300 µm100 µm – 300 µm
Stamp size70 mm x 70 mm120 mm x 120 mm
Active area50 mm x 50 mm50 mm x 50 mm

Silicon standard MLA stamps

Structure geometry

Hexagonal array (3 arrays in total)

Hexagonal arrayHexagonal arrayHexagonal array
Lens diameter3.8 µm
2.2 µm
1.3 µm
20 µm15 µm10 µm
Average lens height0.85 µm
0.32 µm
0.12 µm
3-4 µm2-3 µm2-3 µm
Stamp thickness1 mm1 mm1 mm1 mm
Stamp size20 mm x 20 mm70 mm x 70 mm70 mm x 70 mm70 mm x 70 mm
Active area3 x 5 mm x 5 mm60 mm x 60 mm60 mm x 60 mm60 mm x 60 mm