Large Area Pillar

NIL Technology offers a large area pillar standard stamp with a total active area of 4 cm 2 . The large area pillar standard stamp is a high-quality standard stamp in silicon with 4 different active areas, each 1 cm 2 , with square arranged pillar arrays with pitches from 200 nm to 500 nm with lateral dimensions of the pillars from 125 nm to 275 nm. The height of the pillars can be chosen by the customer to be between 100 nm and 300 nm.

The large area pillar standard stamp can be delivered with or without anti-sticking coating

Specifications for Large Area Pillar standard stamp

Stamp ID
Stamp size
2 inch round wafer
Stamp material
Stamp thickness
525 µm +/- 25 µm
Structure size
125, 175, 225, 275 nm (rounded squares)
Structure pitch
200, 300, 400, 500 nm
Protrusion height
100 nm – 300 nm (you decide)
Tolerance, lateral and vertical dimensions
+/- 15 %
Defect density
Less than 0.1 % of total patterned area
Anti-sticking layer (ASL) and dicing are optional

Examples - Large Area Pillar Standard Stamp

Different examples of patterns and features

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