Working stamps

Industrial applications of nanoimprint technologies usually require some form of working stamps. These are also called daughter stamps, daughter molds, soft molds or even just master replicas.

A working stamp is a replica of a master stamp. It is used for replication onto the substrates. For example, you can make a working stamp from a working stamp – this will be a third generation of a working stamp (the master is the first generation). We also see fourth or more generations of working stamps in the industry.

The reason for making several generations of working stamps can be to invert the polarity of the pattern, or it can be a matter of master preservation. If you expect the lifetime of the master to be 100 replications, and each working stamp is good for 10 replications, but you need to get 1 million replicas from your master, then you need to produce your devices with a fifth generation (or more) working stamp. (numbers are completely made up to suit the example).

We have several working stamp technologies. Some are strictly in-house, some are developed in collaboration with customers and project partners, and some are commercially available. We are happy to share our working stamp advise with our master customers, and we can also fabricate working stamps to order. 

Please reach out to us if you would like to know more.

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