Polymer Stamps

Polymer stamps for nanoimprint lithography are the most basic kind of working stamps. They work very well for many applications. These stamps are simply hot embossed polymer foils and can be used for UV nanoimprint or for thermal nanoimprint, where the imprint resist has lower glass transition temperature than the polymer foil.

Polymer stamp

Polymer stamps and how we can help

Polymer stamps can be fabricated with any design specified by customers. Moreover, we offer to make polymer stamps from customers’ existing silicon or fused silica stamps. The master mold for polymer stamps is typically patterned by electron beam lithography or UV lithography. The polymer stamps are typically delivered in round wafer shapes.

We deliver polymer stamps for many different applications, for example sensing devices, wire grid polarizers, hydrophobic films etc.

Specifications for our polymer stamps:

Stamp material
Stamp sizes
Up to 6 inch round
Stamp thickness
100 µm – 1mm (depends on material avilability)
Minimum lateral dimensions
100 nm
Aspect ratio
Up to 1:3 (pattern dependent)
Customer specified
Delivery time
Typically 4 weeks

NIL Technology works mostly with Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC / TOPAS) polymer foils or Cyclic Olefin Polymers (COP). In the video that we have on this page, we hot emboss a COC foil and use it as a working stamp for UV nanoimprint lithography.

Sub masters, polymer stamp
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