Nickel shims / nickel molds

Nickel shims are made for nanoimprint lithography and replication and we have long experience with production of them (often called nickel shims or nickel sleeves). 

We happen to be experts in custom specified structures.

MLA master, nickel shims

Nickel shims and how we can help

Nickel shims are always made from an existing pattern, which typically is a silicon
or fused silica master. From the master, we can create a corresponding nickel mold with the same polarity or the opposite polarity of the master. Since we make the nickel molds based on a silicon or fused silica master, we can offer nickel molds with the same structures as we can offer on silicon or fused silica.

Examples are:

Nickel shim

Use of nickel molds/shims

Nickel molds/nickel shims can be used for a wide range of replication processes. For example:

One of the advantages of nickel molds is that it can be bent and shaped, unlike silicon or fused silica. This allows nickel molds/shims to be fixed onto rollers for high-throughput processes.

Typical applications are microfluidic devices, surface functionalization and engineering, microlens arraysdiffusers, diffraction grating etc.

Specifications for our nickel shims:

Size (wafer)
NiV or CrAu
Sizes (cut)
Up to 140 mm diameter round or any other format that fits within 240 mm diameter round
50 um to 1 mm
Minimum lateral dimensions
100 nm
Aspect ratio
Up to 1:3 (pattern dependent)
Customer specified
Design file format
gds, dxf, tdb
FDTS with AI205 adhesion promotor (optional)
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