Imaging and Applied Optics Congress

6 July 2022:  NIL Technology is going to the Imaging and Applied Optics Congress in Vancouver, 11 – 15 July 2022, to give two talks on meta optics, imaging, and sensing solutions.

Imaging and Applied Optics Congress | NIL Technology

Theodor Nielsen, CEO & Founder of NILT, will be present in-person to give the talk:

Imaging and Sensing for AR/VR/MR Using Nano-Optics

NILT’s latest developments and results in innovative compact optical solutions for augmented reality will be presented.

To get the full AR experience, registration of actual surroundings using 3D sensing and machine vision cameras are highly important features. Theodor Nielsen will present the latest developments of NILT’s compact optical solutions for 3D sensing, including the 1M (one meta optical element) imaging system.

A true augmented reality system also requires high-quality transparent displays. Theodor Nielsen will present NILT’s solutions for masters used to replicate surface relief waveguides. Accurate control of the diffractive gratings in the input, expander and outcoupling (eye-box) areas are essential for good-performing AR glasses. Advanced shapes of the gratings are used in many designs, and results from masters and sub-masters having large areas with high precision, binary structures, and blazed and slanted gratings will be presented.

Metalens Based Camera Modules for 3D Sensing

Ulrich Quaade, Head of Optics, will also be present in person, giving the talk. 

Metalenses hold promising potential for designing compact and efficient camera modules. The optical efficiency of the metalenses is extremely important for practical applications, including 3D sensing. With only limited efficiency, useful light is lost. This can, for example, result in reduced sensitivity. Even worse, the light will appear as straylight that can result in ghost images, reduced resolution, reduced contrast etc. 

Metalenses optimized for a wavelength of 940 nm are demonstrated with an absolute focusing efficiency of up to 94%, measured as the optical power transmitted to the focal spot divided by the power incident on the lens element.

Ulrich Quaade will present highly efficient metalenses with excellent performance in a single-lens camera module. The performance is analyzed in relation to 3D sensing applications with a focus on the need for a wide field of view (FOV), flat relative illumination (RI), high efficiency, no 0th order, and compatibility with VCSEL sources. 

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