EPIC Meeting on Photonics for AR/VR/MR

<strong>EPIC Meeting on Photonics for AR/VR/MR</strong> | NIL Technology

Copenhagen, Denmark – May 9, 2023 — This week, NILT is going to the EPIC Meeting on Photonics for AR/VR/MR: from Design to System Integration and Mass Production. The meeting is hosted by Jabil Optics in Jena, Germany.

The event fully focuses on the XR industry and has an extensive program focusing on the potential of the technologies, challenges, and all production steps.

EPIC explains that “the purpose of this EPIC event on “Photonics for AR/VR/MR: from Design to System Integration and Mass Production” at Jabil Optics is to critically review the main and most promising emerging technologies addressing AR/VR applications as well as give an overview of all the manufacturing steps. We will make highly relevant experts from the industry and R&D meet together to bring the discussion to another level.”

The AR/VR industry will be discussed through 4 sessions, from Design and simulation to fabrication techniques, including applications and the next challenges of AR/VR/MR markets.

Theodor Nielsen, CEO and Founder of NIL Technology, will participate, giving a talk in session 4: Emerging technologies for XR markets, having the title:

Advanced Masters for AR Waveguide Displays.

You can read more about the event at the link underneath.

We hope to meet a lot of old and new acquaintances at the conference! 

EPIC Meeting
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