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The anti-glare structures are used to control glare from displays, optical devices, but also non-optical surfaces. Disturbing reflections are suppressed, therefore the viewer easily sees the content displayed on a screen and not the reflected images of bright windows and light sources. Anti-glare surfaces are useful in bright environments, offices and under varying lighting conditions. The anti-glare standard stamp have been specifically designed for R&D work, as well as for product and process development.
For more details, download the brochure: Anti-Glare Brochure(PDF)
Anti-Glare Standard Stamp AGSS_A
Structure type Anti-glare
Optical function Suppression of specular reflections
Diffusion angle (FWHM)* about 10
Stamp thickness  300 µm +/- 5%
Stamp size 100 mm x 100 mm
Active size 80 mm x 80 mm
Haze value */**
2,23% +/- 0,05%
Transmittance */** 92,2% +/- 0,05%
Structure amplitude up to 4 µm
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