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Microlens Array Custom Stamp

NILT offers stamps with concave or convex microlens arrays for use in the production of polymer microlens arrays by hot-embossing or injection molding. The stamps are offered in fused silica and nickel. Lens depth/height and lens width can be controlled independently so any parabolic lens shape can be made on the stamps.
  • Stamp size up to 150 mm diamter
  • Broad range of lens sizes - from 300 nm and up to 400 µm
  • Polymer replications with convex and concave lens arrays can also be provided
Microlens Array Custom Stamp
Stamp size up to 150 mm
Stamp material Fused silica or Nickel
Lens sizes 300 nm - 400 µm
SAG Up to 50 µm
Lens arrangements Hexagonal closed packed
Square and hexagonal, not closed packed

Custom MLA Stamp

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