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DUV Stepper Lithography Service

NILT offers DUV stepper lithography services based on a Canon FPA-3000 EX4 248 nm stepper. The guaranteed minimum line width is 250 nm but 180 nm line width has been demonstrated on this system. For smaller line width, please refer to our EBL service.

The Canon FPA-3000 EX4 uses a 5X projection system resulting in a maximum field size on the substrate of 22 mm x 22 mm. The system can expose 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm wafers and NILT also offers a wide variety of pre- and post-processing of wafers if required.

Canon FPA-3000 EX4 Specifications
Wavelength 248 nm (Krypton Flouride (KrF) pulsed laser)
Laser intensity on substrate
2800 W/m2 (uniformity better than +/- 1.2%), 5X projection system
Depth of focus better than 1 µm
Lens distortion max 50 nm
Max field size 22 mm x 22 mm
Field stitching better than 20 nm
Rotation accuracy 10 nm
Alignment accuracy better than 50 nm
Minimum guaranteed linewidth 250 nm
Wafer size 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm

All resists are used with a bottom anti-reflection coating (BARC, DUV42P) to prevent standing waves in the resist and to promote adhesion between resist and wafer.

Resist name Tone
JSR-M35G Positive
JSR-M230Y Positive
UVN2300 Negtive

DUV Service
Various patterns and features
Design file requirements
In order to allow easy handling of design files in GDSII, DXF, TDB or CIF format, the design file must fulfill the following:
  • The design file must contain all objects in the design in the correct dimensions, layout and polarity.
  • All objects in the design file must be polygons — no circular objects or line objects are allowed.
All design files handed over to NILT are kept strictly confidential and all design file data is deleted upon customer request.
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