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Injection Molding


Injection molding traditionally uses an injection molding tool made from steel to define the shape of the object being created. Injection molding is by far the most successful volume production technology for plastic components which makes it interesting to explore in the context of micro and nanostructures.

NILT has delivered silicon masters and nickel shims to be used in production of lab-on-chip products by injection molding, and NILT has extensive R&D in combining nano-scale features with injection molding processes.

Further reading:
Nanopatterned polymethylpentene substrates fabricated by injection molding for biophotonic applications. R. Hainberger, R. Brucka, N. Kataeva, R. Heer, A. Köck, P. Czepl, K. Kaiblinger, F. Pipelka and B. Bilenberg, Microelectronic Engineering, 2009

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