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Silicon NIL Stamps

NILT fabricates silicon nanoimprint lithography (NIL) stamps with any design specified by customers. The silicon stamps are patterned using electron beam lithography, UV lithography or nanoimprint lithography (NIL). The silicon stamps can be delivered in wafer formats or cut into any square shape.
The silicon stamps are often used as molds or masters for fabrication of polymer replicates or for making Nickel shims.
NILT supplies silicon nanoimprint lithography (NIL) stamps for many different applications, such as patterning of saphire substrates in LED production, for injection molding of lab-on-a-chip components and for cell studies within biotechnology.
Stamp material
Stamp sizes (wafer)
2", 4", 6"
Stamp sizes (square)
Any square format cut from wafers
Stamp thickness
500 µm (2"), 525 µm (4”), 650 µm (6”)
Minimum lateral dimension
20 nm
Aspect ratio
Up to 1:10 (pattern dependent)
Customer specified
Design file format
gds, dxf, tdb
FDTS (optional)
Delivery time
Typically 4 weeks
Silicon NIL stamps
Different examples of patterns and features
High Aspect Ratio
Protrusions in Silicon
Stamp with 150 nm half-pitch protrusions with the height of 1µm.
Pyramid shaped hole array in silicon
Pyramid shaped hole array fabricated using isotropic etching of silicon
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