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The Large Area Pillar Standard Stamp is a high-quality standard stamp in Silicon with large patterned areas containing photonic crystal structures. It has 4 areas, each 1 cm x 1 cm, with square arrays of pillars.
  • Cost-effective and high quality standard stamp
  • Large patterned area with pillars of 4 different dimensions
  • Photonic crystal structures
  • Structure sizes between 125 nm and 275 nm
  • Fast delivery time of typically 3 weeks
Stamp size 2 inch round wafer
Stamp material Silicon
Stamp thickness 525 µm +/- 25 µm
Structure size 125 nm, 175 nm, 225 nm, 275 nm (rounded squares)
Structure pitch 200 nm, 300 nm, 400 nm, 500 nm
Protrusion height 100 nm - 300 nm (you decide!)
Tolerance, lateral and vertical dimensions +/- 15%
Defect density Less than 0.1% of total patterned area
Anti-sticking layer (ASL) and dicing are optional

Large Area Pillar
Standard Stamp

Different examples of patterns and features
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