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Anti-Sticking Coating

NILT offers anti-sticking coating by FDTS on any suitable substrate not larger than 8 inch round. The coating is performed by vapor phase deposition and the substrate is treated with standard processes as oxygen plasma prior to the FDTS deposition. The oxygen plasma treatment can be circumvented if required.

General specifications

Maximum substrate size
8 inch round
Substrate materials
Silicon, Fused Silica, Nickel (adhesion layer of 3-4 nm Al2O3 is used on Ni), polymers
Contact angle with water
Larger than 105 deg
FDTS chemical name 1H,1H,2H,2H-perflourodecyltrichlorosilane
FDTS Chemical formula Cl3Si(CH2)2(CF2)7CF3
FDTS CAS no. 78560-44-8
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