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Nanoimprint Lithography

NILT offers UV and thermal nanoimprint lithography and hot-embossing services based on commercially available nanoimprint lithography tools. Imprinting is offered on any substrate type and into any polymer material required.
Typical substrate types are Silicon, Fused Silica, III-V materials and polymer sheets and typical imprint polymers are PMMA, COC, COP, PC and PET. If required, NILT also offers pre and post processing of the substrates.

Available imprint technologies:
  • UV NIL wafer scale
  • Thermal NIL wafer scale
  • UV NIL step and repeat
General specifications
Stamp material Silicon, Fused silica, polymer, Nickel
Imprint resist Any resist specified by the customer
Anti-sticking coating
Min. resolution 20 nm
2 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch wafers
Any odd shape that can be diced out of a 4 inch wafer
Polymer sheets
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