Creating modern optical solutions for today and the future

NIL Technology (NILT) is an optical solutions company designing, developing, and manufacturing optical elements and components using high-precision nanoscale features. 

We take optical applications to a new level of performance, efficiency, and compactness by combining meta-optics with diffractive and refractive optics. The result is optical design solutions for next-generation sensing and imaging applications.

Record-setting performance of transmit metalenses

October 05, 2023 – NILT is announcing a portfolio of metalens-based transmit-optics with record-setting performance. 

Metalens (MOE) prototyping for NIR/SWIR/VIS with a fast turnaround time.

NIL Technology | NIL Technology

Diffusers, custom-built dot-projectors, and integrated multiple-functionality optics

Our specialty is to design, master, replicate, and mass-produce meta-optical elements (metalenses) and diffractive optical elements (DOE)

Flat optics for 3D sensing, imaging, and displays by groundbreaking technology for diffusers, fanouts, collimators, focusing lenses, and waveguides.

Masters and sub-masters for nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and nano-replication. With a wide range of structures, form factors, and materials.

Upcoming events and conferences

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